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Lotto Winnings

Like winning the lottery: Recent seller of their trains to me said the $200.00 I paid for their collection was like winning the lottery.

Happy Seller

John W. of Arlington Heights, Illinois, said he felt good about his collection of many years going to my home where I would operate and enjoy his trains.

This Web Site Will Help You Sell Your Trains

I have had train board layouts since the 1950's. The one below is designed to run up to 10 trains at one time. I am looking for aditional pieces to complete my collection.

I want to buy Lionel trains made between 1920 up to 1970. These are known as pre-war and post-war Lionel trains. This web site is intended to share my passion for Lionel trains and also help you if you decide to sell your trains.

My Layout
My Layout
17 feet long, 6 feet wide, five levels high - 10 trains can run at one time.

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