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My Lionel Train Layouts

Boy first layoutMy interest in electric toy trains began as a child. My father and I built a few train board layouts from when I can first remember to about age fifteen. I fondly remember one Christmas present when I was about twelve years old. My dad told me to go to the train board and turn on the transformer. Out of a tunnel came the most beautiful silver Union Pacific diesel engine and three passenger cars. I ran the train blowing the horn and was totally enamored with the passenger cars that lit up showing people inside each car. The picture at the right shows that passenger train set. It is in the foreground along with me.

Layout with Son
Family traditions continue and the picture at the left shows one of our two sons in the middle of a train layout we built when he was six years old.

Current Layout

As you can see building train board layouts has been part of my life since my childhood. I am now once again building a large train board layout. This picture shows my current layout which will be able to run 10 trains at one time using four levels. I am a true toy train collector now seeking old trains.

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